Graphic Designer

Line Leap



LineLeap is a line skipping service for bar-goers who don’t have the time-of-night to wait for entry. With many partnered locations in college towns and a steady growth in customers, it was time for LineLeap to start cultivating a memorable identity.


LineLeap’s competitive landscape is saturated with companies that market themselves as luxurious concierge services. While LineLeap should likewise be considered a VIP upgrade, it became clear that the best way to stand out against extravagant surroundings would be to project a strong sense of simplicity and efficiency.


The first of three proposed stylescapes was selected. It uses the stylish and modern typeface Futura to hint at luxury while exhibiting restraint and utility in its orderly structure. A bright and cool-toned color palette considers viewing context by complementing an energetic evening experience.


The new logo mark composes a lightning bold with a pair of L’s that references the brand name, speed and connectivity. In order to ensure continued growth through brand awareness, a high priority was given to crafting a memorable mark. In addition to the phonetic similarity of “LineLeap” and “Lightning”, simple geometric forms help the logo to be easily absorbed and instantly recognizable.


The best way for LineLeap to reach their customers is to go directly to line-waiters. Sandwich boards with updated marketing material can be placed on sidewalks at bar entrances. Given the distracted and potentially inebriated audience, it is best that these messages stay short and enticing.