Graphic Designer

Wayfinding Project

Color, Type & Grid


I started to draw some colors from the Duderstadt’s internal environment, building color palettes from faint tones of the brick and naturally-lit ceiling. I may decide that I need different color schemes for different parts of the building, so I have not decided on a certain scheme yet.

I also started to look at some typefaces, all of which were heavily present in the industrial 1980’s, when James Duderstadt was president of the University and technological advancement was being prioritized. I think LL Circular is a great one for this project but its pretty damn expensive. I’m leaning towards Akzidenz or Frutiger because their even coloring, square angles, high x-heights, shallow descenders will be helpful in signage.

I experimented with a custom logotype using a grid based in the architecture of the building’s windows. After doing this I realized that this grid can also be used for laying out signage itself. This will be a good building block for a modular grid system that I can apply to different forms of signage. And, it looks like a bookcase. How nice.

Jack Kornet