Graphic Designer

Wayfinding Project

Initial Thoughts on the Duderstadt Center


The Duderstadt Center is a huge, centrally planned library, work space, and resource center. It is used mostly as a work space by engineering students for academic studies and team projects.

Work spaces differ in style and purpose, but are located behind rows of bookcases. This may require students to search for some time to find the most fitting workspace.

The main room has high ceilings, open space, and a lot of natural light. One can see into all wings of the building from the center room.

Problems include: getting lost in the symmetrical layout, confusion about type of study space, signage pointing to open space instead of doors, and the displacement of temporary signage.

There is an interesting progression in space that one makes from loud and open to quiet and closed.

How to people approach the space? What is unique about this place? What are the purposes/values of visitors?

Jack Kornet