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Systematic Vision

Systematic Vision

The Systematic Vision Corporation offers leading edge imaging products, services and solutions to end users, manufacturers, system integrators and businesses.

SVC had established itself as a prominent provider of high-speed imaging products for integrated systems. As the company became one of the most experienced in its industry, SVC needed a bold personality that would attract its ambitious customers.


SVC’s set of imaging products and services, although finite, has a wide range of potential applications. It is necessary that each customer receives a tailored approach to installing new technology within their unique environment. This, with the themes of collaboration and innovation, became the foundation for the new voice of Systematic Vision.

The new SVC logo-mark is derived from the physical structure of a camera lens. The center of the lens is empty, providing space for the customer’s unique circumstances and self expression. The lens is pointed directly at the viewer, giving attention to the customer.


In the context of technology, a use of sharp and stylish typography feels refined and powerful. It is full of energy, appealing to SVC’s innovative customers.


Since SVC has over 20 years of experience, it is important that the brand remains familiar to those who have interacted with it. The company’s primary color is unchanged and the new logo also makes use of identifying visual characteristics such as the lowercase “i”.


Custom iconography brings clarity and memorability to each piece of the SVC brand.