Graphic Designer

Thesis Project

Interviewing Friends

I started to interview my friends about their experiences with self tracking and working towards long term goals. So far I have interviewed two people on the extremes of my target audience. One who was very introspective and one who was not. I want to continue by interviewing people who fall in between these two.

Most of my questions were focused on how people think about themes of progress in their lives. I got a lot of information on life goals that people have, the strategies that they use to work towards those goals, and the individual items that they might want to keep track of. I started to organize responses into categories that reflect that information (Goals, Strategies, Data). I might edit my question set for my next interviews to focus on generating ideas for these three things.

My next steps are to conduct 3 more interviews and begin to tie interview responses to researched self-tracking practices. I also realized that I might need to collect more information on visualization, so I will be adding visually based questions and looking at relevant secondary research.

Jack Kornet