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Thesis Project

Learning from Giorgia Lupi

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Giorgia Lupi’s advocacy for what she calls Data Humanism has become a starting point for how I look at people’s personal data. Points from her TED Talk that I found useful were about finding the stories of human beings that lie behind the numbers, some of my favorites were:

Transforming the abstract/uncountable into something that can be seen, felt, and directly reconnected to our lives and behaviors.

Looking at anecdotal details about why a piece of data is the way it is.

Adding context to make data more meaningful and representative.

Considering data as the beginning of a conversation, not the end.

Considering empathy, imperfection, and human qualities in how we collect, process, analyze and display data.

As I start to craft interview questions for primary research, I will be thinking about the recurring data points in peoples lives that might lead to more personal discoveries.

When I get to the execution phases of my project, I may reference some of Giorgia’s work for direction on how to represent personal trends. I am especially interested in her Dear Data project with Stefanie Posavec, which shows me tons of elaborate and creative ways to track mundane personal data.

Jack Kornet