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Publications, Mike Ryczek

Mike Ryczek Exhibition Publications

Mike Ryczek is an artist from Boston that I had the chance to meet at a local gallery last summer. I found interest in Mike’s work because he values the viewing experience above narrative or political messaging. For a school project, I worked with Mike to design a publications system for a theoretical exhibition at the University of Michigan Museum of Art. Publications include banners, a brochure, a catalog, invitations, and posters. I have documented major pieces of my thought process in blog posts.


In my conversations with Mike I noticed how aware he is of how people interpret his work. Mike understands that you might not naturally draw meaning from his surreal paintings, so he crafts them to be vaguely reminiscent of things that we’ve seen and places that we’ve been to. Mike invites you to have your own viewing experience with his artwork. This publications system is designed to aid in that invitation by directing attention towards the paintings themselves before giving much description.


The bulk of my time for this project was spent designing, writing, and binding an accordion-fold book showcasing Mike’s work. The editorial system for this book sets a slow viewing pace and dedicates entire spreads to the display of images. Typography follows a calm and predictable pattern, while paintings are revealed in a more unexpected and intriguing way.