Jack Kornet

Design Portfolio

SOURCE – Website Design/Development, Branding, Animation, Iconography

The Sight Outcomes Research Collaborative is an ophthalmology research consortium started at the Kellogg Eye Center at the University of Michigan. The group aggregates a repository of de-identified data from the health records and diagnostic tests of partnered ophthalmology departments. The repository is made available to researchers in the consortium for use in research and quality improvement projects.

I worked with the whole SOURCE team to design a brand identity, custom icon set, and website. Our goal was to establish simple, long lasting visual assets that could build trust and credibility with their growing network of researchers.

First I got to know the people at SOURCE and learn about what they do. We discussed the analysis tools that they are building, and gathered a list of other research consortia that they knew of or admired. Researching other consortia helped us understand the common communication styles in the space in order create a visual brand that stands out against its neighbors. It was important to incorporate the idea of collaboration, a founding principle of the organization, in the logo. We began thinking about visual ways to communicate this idea, experimenting with symbols related to ophthalmology and color palettes inspired by common eye colors.

The website serves as a simple and transparent destination for people to learn about SOURCE, as well as a space for members to be recognized for their achievements. Our goals were to communicate what SOURCE does, demonstrate why it is important, and explain some of the more complex details about their research tools in a digestible format.

CREW's Report – Animation, Information Graphics

Citizens for Racial Equity in Washtenaw is an organization that studies publicly available Washtenaw County Court case data and reveals racial inequities in both the charging and sentencing of members of the community. I worked with the CREW team to create a series of charts, graphs, and animated infographics to aid the communication of their findings.

Irradiant Partners – Branding

Irradiant Partners is an alternative investment manager focused on Liquid Credit, Opportunistic Credit, and Renewable Private Equity and Credit. My design partner, Franc Nunoo-Quarcoo and I worked to create a visual identity for the company's launch. The logo mark is made up of simple geometry (a circle, a square, and a triangle), making it easy to remember and even draw by hand. The logo illustrates the idea of being irradiant (adj. shining brightly) as the square shines through the circle. View more project details.

Wellnest – Branding, Product Research, UX Design, Animation

Wellnest is a startup that I co-founded with my friends in college. We made a gamified journaling app for students that was distributed at schools like UPenn, Boston University, and Carnegie Mellon. Though development has stopped, it still receives an average App Store rating of 5 stars and won an Airport Design Award for being one of the best-designed beta apps of 2020. I worked with the team to conduct research and design the app and visual identity.

My friends and I experienced the mental health crisis first hand as college students. Our peers were stressed and anxious, the university counseling department was swamped, and many students weren't seeking clinical help because of social stigma. When we visited university counselors, the resources they gave us were boring, clinical looking worksheets. We made it our goal to make these resources more approachable for students.

In a series of focus groups, we learned more about our friends' experiences with mental health, what they struggle with, and how they cope. These discussions helped us hone in on specific situations that students need help with like moving away from home, failing an exam, or getting over a breakup. We also identified day-to-day needs like managing busy schedules and finding time to unwind. This led to the creation of a series of journaling prompt sets centered around specific issues that college students face.

After testing the idea with a website and two beta versions, we released Wellnest on the app store. The app got a great response from students all over the country, and surprisingly a lot of adults. We rounded up some of the most devout users (making 4-7 entries a week) to ask them about their experience, what they found useful, and what they struggled with. They valued the app's ease of use, the ability to customize their journal, having a variety of prompts, a sense of progress, and a sense of community. We used these points to guide future improvements to the app until development stopped due to a company pivot.

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